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What is CIPC?

The HSE National Counselling Service (NCS) has developed a Counselling in Primary Care Service (CIPC). CIPC is the provision of short term counselling in primary care settings to medical card holders aged over 18 years and over by professionally qualified and accredited Counsellor / Therapists who work under the supervision of the HSE National Counselling Service.

Why is Cpl Healthcare involved?

Cpl Healthcare are the exclusive agency staff partner to CIPC. Cpl Healthcare will cover the following HSE regions; HSE South / Dublin Mid Leinster and Dublin North East. If you are a Counsellor / Therapist interested in getting involved in the project please contact Lesley Beggs directly.

Contact Details:

Lesley Beggs
E: Lesley.beggs@cplhealthcare.com
T: 01 482 5457

To find out more about the CIPC initiative

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