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Your Temporary Flexible Healthcare Workforce

At Cpl Healthcare we are the experts in finding the right healthcare professionals to fill your temporary jobs. Not only have we a strong database of flexible healthcare staff, we also provide professionals that are highly credentialed and skilled in their speciality. All our staff come ready to work! We have one of the largest resource pools of Registered Nurses, Allied Health professionals, and Healthcare Assistants in the industry. In addition, the flexibility of adding non-permanent, long-term supplemental staff delivers cost-effective results and a continuum of patient care that is stable and at a high level that you expect.

If you are looking for staff please give us a call to let us know your needs.

Work around your life.

At Cpl Healthcare we understand that life is busy, and that sometimes a full time job doesn't offer the flexibility your lifestyle needs. When working ad hoc/agency, you usually are picking up jobs for either unexpected staffing vacancies, due to illness, or planned leave, like vacation. These can be assignments for just one or two days or a contracted timeframe of up to 26 weeks. Ad hoc/agency affords you the chance to add flexibility to your career - a benefit that you won't find with many other professions. Take advantage of this career path by contacting Cpl Healthcare today and tell us where and when you want to work.

For more information on Agency Nursing, click here or contact us using the details below.

T: 0818 365 100

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