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The Dublin Academic Teaching Hospitals

dath Intro

The DATHS Hospital Group are comprised of 5 prestigious Hospitalís with immediate start dates available for suitable applicants.

The individual hospitals compromising the DATHs group are:

  • The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin
  • Beaumont Hospital
  • Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
  • St Jamesís Hospital
  • St Vincentís University Hospital


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Nursing Jobs available now in The Adelaide and Meath Hospital (Tallaght Hospital)






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The Adelaide and Meath Hospital:

The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, incorporating the National Childrenís Hospital (Tallaght)

The Adelaide and Meath Hospital Dublin, Incorporating the National Children's Hospital and St. Loman's, is a landmark development in Ireland's acute hospital service and is one of the biggest healthcare projects ever undertaken by the State.

Located in southwest Dublin, the Hospital provides child-health, adult, psychiatric and age-related healthcare on one site. There are 625 beds in the Hospital and almost 3,000 people are employed here.

The Hospital is a provider of local, regional, supra-regional and national specialties. It is also a national urology center, regional dialysis center and a regional orthopaedic trauma center.

The Hospital provides a focus for a massively-growing, urban area with a predominantly young population. It mainly serves the people of Tallaght, Clondalkin, Firhouse, Rathfarnham, Terenure, Templeoue, West Wicklow and parts of Co Kildare. In addition, it has many national and international responsibilities.

Bed Capacity: 625

Associated University: Trinity College Dublin



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Nursing Jobs available now in Beaumont Hospital for International Nurses








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Beaumont Hospital:

Hospital Introduction:

Beaumont Hospital is a major academic teaching hospital with a strong commitment and track record in innovation in patient care and basic science research. Beaumont hospital is the second largest hospital in the Republic of Ireland and the principal teaching hospital for the medical school of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Beaumont Hospital is the National Centre for Neurosurgery, Renal Transplantation, Cochlear Transplantation and Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency. There are multiple supra-regional specialties and the hospital provides secondary care for a large North Dublin catchment area. Beaumont is designated as a supra-regional cancer and radiotherapy center.

Beaumont Hospital incorporating St. Joseph's Hospital, Raheny, is a major teaching hospital providing an important Emergency Medicine and Trauma service together with National and Regional services in a number of specialties. The hospital is one of the eight designated centers for the development of cancer services in Ireland. The hospital employs circa 3,500 staff and has a complement of 820 beds.

Bed Capacity: 820

Associated University: Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and National University of Ireland

Further education training opportunities available in Beaumont Hospital include:

  • Coronary Care Nursing, Emergency Department Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, Neuroscience Nursing, Cancer Nursing, Operating Theatre Department Nursing, Renal Care, Breast Disease, Colorectal Disease, Heart Failure Nursing, Haemodialysis Nursing, Major Adult Cancer, Renal Transplant Care, Urology Care, Adult Cancer Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Emergency Department Nursing, Haematology Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, Medical /Surgical Nursing, Neuroscience Nursing



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Nurse Jobs available now in Mater Misericordiae University Hospital for International Nurses









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Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Hospital Introduction:

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is a charitable voluntary hospital and holds a unique place in the delivery of healthcare not only as the main charitable and voluntary general hospital serving Dublin's north inner city, but also providing healthcare to the rest of the country with its national and tertiary services. The Hospital was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1861 and opened on September 24th 1861. A wonderful state of the art new hospital, incorporating all single rooms opened in 2013/14 meeting the current needs of the hospital. It is a university teaching hospital providing acute and tertiary specialist services. The population of its local catchment area is approximately 185,000.

The hospital is situated approximately 10 minute walk from Dublinís city centre. Central to the work of the hospital has always been the promotion of high standards of patient care in accordance with a defined Mission Statement. The hospital promotes Patient Centred Care and the Promotion of Clinical Excellence.

Bed Capacity: 600

Associated University: University College Dublin (UCD)

Nursing at Mater Misericordiae Hospital

The nursing department is committed to building a community of excellence by combining academic and practical knowledge with the highest degree of professional ethics, while espousing core values of caring, compassion, equity, respect, patient-centred and patient-sensitive care.

Nursing continues to advance and transform within the dynamic department in response to modern healthcare innovation and public expectation. In the areas of nurse prescribing, advanced clinical practice and clinical specialist functions, we persevere in the development and expansion of our professional roles, taking a lead in a number of nurse-led initiatives within the Hospital.

Our visionary strategic plan is designed to achieve excellence in patient care.

Further Training & Education

In addition to medical and nursing training and its link with the post graduate colleges and faculties it has significant teaching and research commitments in association with the largest university in Ireland, University College Dublin.

These teaching and research commitments range from diagnostic radiology, oncology, cardiology, and other clinical specialties to healthcare informatics.

Nursing in the MMUH is focused on promoting clinical excellence, in the delivery of quality patient centered care where patients, their families and members of the healthcare team are valued and respected. ďNursing care should be delivered in a way that will respect the uniqueness of each patient regardless of culture and religionĒ. This philosophy underpins the ethos of the nursing service in the MMUH.



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Nursing jobs available now in St Jamesís for International Nurses









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St Jamesís Hospital:

St. Jamesís Hospital is a leading healthcare organisation nationally and internationally, improving health outcomes through collaboration and innovation. St Jamesís Hospital will continuously improve the quality and safety of the care provided so that every patient receives the best care and the Hospitalís vision is made a reality for the benefit of the patients, families and communities we serve.

The hospital is situated approximately 10 minute walk from Dublinís city centre. Central to the work of the hospital has always been the promotion of high standards of patient care in accordance with a defined Mission Statement. The hospital promotes Patient Centred Care and the Promotion of Clinical Excellence.

Bed Capacity: 950

Associated University: Trinity College Dublin

Nursing at St Jamesís Hospital, Dublin:

A nursing career at St Jamesís Hospital offers the opportunity to work with leading clinical professionals in a dynamic and progressive health care environment.

St James's is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Ireland and is partnered academically with Trinity College, Dublin. The nursing community, with a multinational staff of over 1,450 staff, is vibrant, dynamic and plays a central role in the delivery of quality care to over 1000 in-patients.

The hospital actively support and encourage nursing staff, at all levels, to enhance their skills, develop and expand their professional practice and participate in continuing training and post-graduate education programmes.

Nursing staff in St Jamesís Hospital make an enormous contribution to patient care, are driven by excellence, continuous improvement and innovation in their work. There are a wide range of professional and career opportunities for the nursing team and St Jamesís Hospital welcome new staff to their dynamic workforce.

Further Training & Education

St James Hospital is a teaching hospital and together with its academic partners, Trinity College Dublin, supports postgraduate programmes at post graduate specialist diploma, degree and masterís degrees in the following, among others:

  • MSc/ Post Graduate Diploma in Perioperative nurses
  • MSc/Post Graduate Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing
  • MSc/Post Graduate Diploma in Haematology
  • MSc/Post Graduate Diploma in Gerontontological Nursing
  • MSc/Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medicine
  • MSc/Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiovascular Nursing



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Vacancies available now in St Vincentís University Hospital for International Nurses






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St. Vincent University Hospital


St. Vincent's University Hospital is a major academic teaching hospital. The hospital provides a front line emergency service and national/regional medical care at inpatient and outpatient level. St. Vincent's University Hospital provides in excess of forty medical specialities. The hospital has 479 in-patient beds. St Vincent's University Hospital is a health promoting hospital. Education and research are major components of the philosophy of St. Vincent's University Hospital.

Bed Capacity: 514

Associated University: University College Dublin


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