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The DPER sanctioned relocation package:
  • Up to €1500 in vouched removal/relocation expenses including the cost of flights subject to Revenue guidelines on allowable removal expenses
In addition the following benefits will apply:
  • Registration costs with NMBI (costs to be paid through the agency) ranging from €100 to €495 depending on status
  • Funded post graduate education as appropriate to the needs of the service
What can be claimed under this package?

Revenue Guidelines on vouched expenses for relocation allowances 15th July 2015 (www.revenue.ie)

Expenses which can be reimbursed without giving rise to a charge of tax would be those incurred directly as a result of the change of residence and would include:

  • Auctioneers and solicitors fees and stamp duty arising from moving house
  • Removal of furniture and effects
  • Storage Charges
  • Insurance of furniture and effects in transit or in storage
  • Cleaning stored furniture
  • Travelling expenses on removal
  • Temporary subsistence allowance while looking for accommodation at the new location [subject to a maximum of 10 nights at the appropriate subsistence rate, i.e. overnight allowance normal rate is €125 to a max €1,250 can be incurred without giving rise to tax]
  • Vouched rent of temporary accommodation for a period not exceeding three months [this may not be paid concurrently with the temporary subsistence referred to above]

All payments must be matched with the receipted expenditure except for the temporary subsistence referred to above.

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